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Collaborative reporting
Transform boring reports into interactive, collaborative documents with comments, document upload, and user tagging

Beautiful visualizations
Explore engaging, interactive graphs that help you bring insights to life, guide decision-making, and drive growth

Powerful forecasting
Use a suite of forecasting tools to determine when you will run out of cash and create driver-based financial statement forecasts.

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The future of reporting starts today

In the past, reporting was reactive; in the future, it’s proactive

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Transform your financial data with the top collaborative reporting tool

One tool to review, analyze, and forecast data

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Create meaningful forecasts to prepare for rainy days

Monitor key metrics with daily dashboards 

Optimize your performance by analyzing your financial health 

Benchmark against others in your industry

Share reports with staff, clients, and investors with the option to add comments and attachments, in real-time

Onboarding, support, and learning every step of the way

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Live training programmes, webinars, and detailed knowledge centre articles quickly take you from zero to hero.

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Up-skill your team
Syft Campus helps get your team up to speed with all things Syft with a range of courses, certifications, and insights from qualified accountants and small business advisors

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Learn how thousands of businesses, accountants, and non-profits all over the world use Syft to make data-driven decisions, maximize their revenue, and prepare for tomorrow (link to case study page)

“With the volume of data moving between different systems, security and privacy have never been more important. From how our team resolves technical queries through to how we build features, we obsess about the security of user data."

Create easy-to-understand, actionable reports

Share secure, interactive, and collaborative links to reports

Consolidate Sage Intacct entities and start reporting in seconds

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Matt Stephanou, Co-Founder and CTO of Syft